American patent granted!

2016-04-25By Paul.BullerNews

The American patent for the RazerLift has been granted. It is patent number 9,290,130 for those who are interested. Once again our utility patent passed with relative ease; no other prior art was close enough to our claims to be considered problematic.

More positive feedback

2016-04-12By Paul.Bullercrowdfunding, Publicity, Reviews

Lots of people I talk to are very excited about the RazerLift and how it will positively impact their lives. But what’s really nice is when the excitement is captured by some media outlet or industry insider. Two more such sources have offered their assessment of the RazerLift.

Crowdfunding: LIVE

2016-04-06By Paul.Bullercrowdfunding

Our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo is now live. Here’s the link: Please contribute, spread the news and help us get the RazerLift to market.