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“As an avid biker and kayaker, I am constantly moving equipment onto and off my roof top rack. I am now in my mid-fifties, and heaving a heavy kayak on top of my car is becoming increasingly harder on my back and shoulders. The RazerLift is a perfect solution that will make it easier for me to continue enjoying the activities I love.”

Terry Booth

“I’ve been biking my whole life and got into downhill riding 5 years ago. In the summer, I spend every weekend out of town hitting up the bike parks. I look forward to Razerlift because it is such an innovative product in its segment and the wow factor of an electronic roof rack!

Razerlift is going to be a hit with my friends because after a long day of riding, we can simply press a button and our bikes will automatically be transported to the roof! Not to mention, all the people at the hill coming over and checking out our cool way of loading the bikes.”

Michael Li, downhill biker

As a business owner and Custom Audio Video Installer, I see incredible value in the level of convenience and safety RazerLift offers.

Using ladders is an everyday occurrence for me, but getting them off and on the roof of my trailer is inconvenient and sometimes hazardous.  Lost productivity and time due to back strain or other injury is a real challenge, and RazerLift provides an innovative solution to these issues.

Ryan Dittmann, Ryno Structured Cabling