Many patented technologies exist to improve roof-top cargo accessibility, but none match the simplicity and capacity of the RazerLift. Two key features set the RazerLift apart; it is fully powered and automated, and it is cargo agnostic. You can load all kinds of different types of cargo, and you don't need to do the heavy lifting; the RazerLift does it for you.

The industry-standard t-slot design allows for easy installation of the RazerLift to any commercial van. The associated electrical installation is similarly industry-standard, and similarly straightforward. The RazerLift has been designed to integrate well with existing vehicle infrastructure both mechanically and electrically. Drilling is almost never required.

The design also allows for virtually limitless customization of cargo configurations. One ladder. Two ladders. Three ladders. Two ladders and tubing. Just tubing. Whatever you need to do your job, the RazerLift is ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

One product, all the cargo flexibility you need.

An additional advantage of the overall design is the fact that the base unit only takes up half of the vehicle roof. For most users this means all their roof-top cargo is accessed curb-side; an additional safety advantage because less time is spent walking around in traffic. This also provides the potential for additional capacity by upgrading to a two-sided configuration; doubling the RazerLift's cargo carrying potential.

No matter what your cargo, Razerlift makes it easier.