Many other patented technologies exist to help improve roof-top cargo accessibility, but none match the simplicity and capacity of the RazerLift. This was accomplished by designing the RazerLift with two key features. First, the cargo moved from the roof to beside the vehicle in a single, rotational, path. Many other technologies involved a two-part transition; lift the cargo up first and then shift the cargo on top of the roof. By using a single sweeping motion the RazerLift requires fewer moving parts and is much simpler overall which results in higher reliability.

The second key feature is the fact that the cargo is kept level during transit from "load" position to "go" position. This allows the RazerLift to accommodate a wide range of types of cargo, maximizing cargo flexibility. During the week you can transport ladders for business, and on the weekends you can transport your family camping supplies. Or bikes. Or maybe you feel like going kayaking.

One product, all the cargo flexibility you need.

An additional advantage of the overall design is the fact that the RazerLift only takes up half of the vehicle roof. This provides the potential for additional capacity, limited only by your vehicle's roof top capacity. A user can upgrade the RazerLift from a one-sided unit to a two-sided unit. Twice as many bikes, twice as many ladders, twice as much camping gear; you get the picture.

How it Works

Whether for recreational or commercial use, Razerlift  makes it easier.