The RazerLift is the next generation of vehicle cargo management. It provides the best cargo accessibility and best cargo flexibility on the market, all with the press of a button


Pre-order Now Available

Now you can pre-order your RazerLift and help the RazerLift get to market, all at the same time through our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Don’t forget to tell your friends (this is a group effort!)

Cargo flexibility

Traditional roof mounted cargo storage can accommodate a wide range of types of cargo - offering superb cargo flexibility - but loading and unloading your bikes, ladders or kayak can be quite difficult. That cargo flexibility comes at the expense of cargo accessibility.

Cargo accessibility

Other cargo storage products can improve access to your cargo, but they do so at the expense of cargo flexibility. For instance, how are you going to fit your kayak on a trailer hitch mount?

The RazerLift doesn't force you to choose between flexibility and accessibility. Finally.

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We're Raising the bar

  • Alpha prototype testing underway. Design refinements forthcoming.
  • Secure additional investor funding to further development
  • Beta prototype sales and testing in Spring / Summer of 2016.
  • Product launch Fall of 2016!